The Osage Nation Legislative Branch Offices are Closed Until Further Notice.

Staff and Congressional Members are available by phone or email.  A link with contact information is located below.

The 6th Osage Nation Congress will convene at 10:00am on Monday, March 30th for the 2020 Hun-kah Session.  During this emergency closure to the public of all offices of the Osage Nation; unless otherwise stated, all committee meetings and session meetings will be live and archived by audio only.  Live streaming audio is available through the Osage Nation Website link:


Constituents are encouraged to contact member of Congress by email and by phone for any questions or concerns.  The phone numbers and email addresses of the members of Congress are listed on the Osage Nation Website and posted on the front of the Congressional offices


We thank you for your patience and understanding during this trying time.


Contact Information


Mission Statement

The mission of the Osage Nation Congress is to:

  • Adopt a system of laws that promote the health, education and well-being of Osage citizens;
  • Preserve the checks and balances of the government by the independent exercise of legislative powers;
  • Carry out oversight responsibilities to enhance government accountability;
  • Encourage and support the raising of tribal revenues and to appropriate monies that support necessary government services; and
  • Preserve and protect the Nation's environment.

Osage Nation Code and Constitution

Osage Nation Constitution (.pdf version)

Osage Nation Congressional Rules